Week 3

During this third week of Ceramics I was able to get quite a bit done on my projects for project one. Firstly, I was able to reinforce my log even more so to keep it in place. I carved a whole on one of the sides and added a smaller clay cylinder shape on top of the whole. I was able to smooth out the seems and connect the clay together so it looks like a natural whole in a log where a branch used to be. I also added in two other little bumps to the sides to make the log look more realistic looking and ad the look of a wooded or uneven texture. Also, during this week I was a able to throw for the first time since my first ceramics class. I made two bowl forms on the wheel. They actually turned out a lot better than I thought they would! I’ve found that I really enjoy the wheel the more I get to do it. After my bowls were dry enough I was able to trim for the first time as well. I was very nervous about the trimming process but the more I was able to spend the time on it the more it became a sort of fun process.


Week 2

During my second week of Ceramics this semester, I continued to work on my hand building project I started on the week before. My idea is to create a hollow log that sits on a slab with an array of organic plant life surrounding it and maybe even becoming a part of the log itself. My process so far started from making a single cylinder about three to four inches tall and about a third of an inch in thickness. I let it set standing up covered in a bag until the cylinder became almost leather hard. Then I added the other half of the cylinder. After I added the rest of the overall length of the log I took some sponges and clay to help keep the circular mold as I attached it sideways on a longer and a littler wider slab of clay. After it was attached and the sponges were in place I covered it again and let it sit until week three. As it was covered in the plastic bag I also added in wet paper towels that I wrapped around the harder, more dry sections of clay so they will not dry out completely. During week three I will come back to the log and add in more features.

Week 1

This week I will be talking about my first week in my second semester of Ceramics at IUS. It’s been quite a while since I took my first Ceramics class, like three semesters or so, so I have a lot to catch up on. This week we started our first project of the semester. I drew out some sketches of what I am planning on working on. As of right now, I plan on working on my hand-building skills and also working on the wheel. I plan on making quite a few different forms and vessels. I plan on some being small and others bigger. I plan on hand-building some vessel objects and also attempting to build some vessels through the use of the wheel. Again, it’s been so long, I really need to catch up on both skills so this will be a good project to help me get some experience. This week I also made clay, which is why one of the pictures is of a mask so we wouldn’t inhale any dust during the process. Overall, this week I’ve realized I have a lot to catch up on and I think I can learn a lot this semester.